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24 Sep 2016 — 13 Nov 2016


24.09. - 13.11.2016


with works by

Michael Ballou

Pierre Bastien

Jens Brand

Thomas Broadbent

Jesse Cremers

Werner Cuvelier

Lieve D'hondt

Johan De Wilde

Johan De Wit

Helmut Dick

Reinhard Doubrawa

Benoît Félix

Frederic Geurts

Marc Nagtzaam

Bas Schevers

Rinus Van de Velde

Hannelore Van Dijck

Patrick Vanden Eynde

Hans Verhaegen

Adriaan Verwée

Kris Vleeschouwer


Rik De Boe

Peter Morrens


In October 2016, artists’ initiative VOORKAMER celebrates its 20th anniversary as a space where contemporary art is being created, presented and produced, always - without any compromise - from the viewpoint of the individual artist. At the same time it has been 10 years since Voorkamer has resided in the historical monument the Holy Ghost in Lier, where many hundreds of artists have shown earlier work and have created new productions in close relation to the 17th century building.

On the occasion of those two anniversaries, artists and co-founders Peter Morrens & Rik De Boe are presenting the exhibition THE LAST SHOW - an overview of the artistic history of VOORKAMER through a personal selection of artists and their earlier works.

However, on June 30th 2016, the Flemish government decided to withhold subsidies starting from 2017, despite a positive review by their artistic advisors. This poorly argued decision is the inspiration for the title of the exhibition The Last Show, a celebration of two anniversaries in minor key. The artistic response of Voorkamer is clear. The Last Show is an exhibition in honour of the artists’ initiative as it exists today. As a tribute to all the artists, Voorkamer presents a selection of twenty artists who reinterpret earlier work shown at Voorkamer over the last 20 years. Next to this, artists and co-curators Peter Morrens & Rik De Boe created - as a jointly made work - the setting for an unseemly dance party.

Voorkamer expresses its appreciation to all artists, collaborators, partners, volunteers and visitors for all their energy and feedback, and is appealing to your generosity to make a re-start possible


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